Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m totally green when it comes to web 2.0 style social networking. Not the tech – I’m a software dev by trade – but the stuff that matters, the interactions.

While looking around twitter tonight, I saw something which made me do a double take, and made me finally *get* twitter:


This is Leonard Nimoy tweeting William Shatner.

Is it just me that finds it surreal that those thoughts are now just freely broadcast on the web for all to hear? Is it strange that anyone can tweet someone they would never be able to reach on a phone? Is Twitter the ultimate democracy? and other such rhetorical stuff.

I think the thing that's really occurring to me is that there has quite literally never been a better time to make connections with people you want to know, there's never been more opportunity to grow.


Am I the only one on the web who misses some of the mystique of (proper) celebrity? I'm not talking about glossy rag celebrity, but classic movie stars. Isn’t one of the biggest draws of stars the ability to project all your ideal characteristics onto them? It’s like realising your parents are just people, like you.

On the other hand, there's something very empowering to see that celebrities are also people, like you.