NCAD Exhibition, 2019

Published 07/08/2019

#art #exhibition #holography #ncad #photography #projection

Work for the 2019 NCAD evening school exhibition.


Seperation/Wholeness (Holograph)

Holography as an instrument of wholeness, grief as a kind of separation. To be in a state of grief is to be removed, but holographically complete. What is the process of restoration? It is a matter of fidelity, resolution and clarity. The larger the whole, the richer the wholeness.

This I find very interesting, as it resonates with my experience. While suffering you are still outwardly complete and perhaps even inwardly as well, but clearly there is a deficit at work, what is it which you lack in this case?





Photographic experiments exploring the conceptual holograph, grief, memory.

Then, considering higher dimensional events projected to lesser dimensions - expanded three dimensional space and unbounded time on a finite two dimensional area with looped time.

I started with a miniature projector which was to be encapsulated in a box, making the smallest possible screen the only field. To achieve this, a reducing lens was used to adjust the focal length down to a few inches.

This leads to the projector itself, no longer a hidden mechanism, but rather a bound counterweight to the screen. The psychogeographical film loops on the screen continuously.

The exhibition setup. The projector was battery powered, but after the first weekend, I was compelled to use a mains power supply to keep the loop running continuously.