NCAD Exhibition, 2019

Published 07/08/2019

#art #exhibition #holography #ncad #photography #projection

Work for the 2019 NCAD evening school exhibition.

Exploring ideas of wholeness and the holograph, something that truly contains the entirety of its expanded form in a reduced one. Photography gives you a lot of scope to pursue this, film expands the dimension of time. Higher dimensional events projected to lesser dimensions - expanded three dimensional space and unbounded time on a finite two dimensional area with looped time.

Starting with a miniature projector which was to be encapsulated in a box, making the smallest possible screen the only field. To achieve this, a reducing lens was used to adjust the focal length down to a few inches.

This leads to the projector itself, not as a hidden mechanism, a mere technical detail; but rather a bound counterweight to the screen. The film loops on the screen continuously, but is only viewable as long as the battery lasts.

The exhibition setup, along with other photographic experiments. After the first weekend, I was compelled to use a mains power supply and keep the loop running continuously.