“Thursday”, Video, 3 Minutes

Published 21/06/2020

#art #film #holography


The film explores grief, conflict and family dynamics. The idea of identity, derived from your environment, parents and decisions.

A death interrupts the integration of this awareness, and can lead to further catastrophe, just as catastrophes of the past have brought you to this point.

The production involved construction of the ‘holographic space’ using in-camera optical effects, as well as rigs to record a falling plate.

The optical effects for the holographic realm were further extended into a video installation concept, Holographic Representations, which accompanies the film.

Video Installation

Holographic Recollections

Setups for real-time video installation to accompany film. A camera records the image from a silvered sphere which captures the entirety of the viewing space.. Photographic images are projected into the lens. The image form the camera is is displayed on a monitor alongside the film.

Photographic sources which are projected into the camera lens (first image); Experiment for intimate projected viewing spaces, the image from the video installation is displayed outside the viewing space, in a different, closer way (second image).